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Jesus scarred handsI have suffered with scar tissue for several decades. At one point, it had become so unbearable that I had surgery to remove the adhesions. But many years later, they were back.

I wasn’t in pain every day. I sometimes went for several weeks before I would have a flare-up. However, when the pain set in, it was excruciating.

I attend a women’s Bible study once a week and I was going to attend whether I was in pain or not. As we were fellowshipping, one of the ladies noticed I looked a bit uncomfortable. I shared with her how the scar tissue had swollen and I was in agony. She immediately prayed for me.

As we later entered into worship, we began to sing Hillsong’s “Grace to Grace.” The lyrics of the chorus are “How wonderful, how glorious, My Savior’s scars victorious.”

The scars that Jesus bore are victorious. But the Lord spoke to my spirit glorious scars, glorious scars. He then went on to tell me that Jesus had scars in His hands and feet. But those weren’t His only scars.

The back of Jesus was laid open as He was whipped. Muscle, bone, tissue was exposed. As He hung on the cross, the blood from His back would stick and as He would reposition Himself to breathe, the agony He felt as His back ripped from the cross was unbearable.

He also had scars from the crown of thorns gouged into His head. There was also the spear thrust into His side.

God said that the scars of His precious Son were placed on His body so that I wouldn’t have to suffer. The pressure of His scars were borne so that I wouldn’t feel the pressure. Jesus paid my price that I might walk healed and restored.

1 John 4:17 says, “In this world we are like Jesus.”

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