We wanted to share with you some of the ministries that have encouraged us in this message of grace. Each one has a number of different resources and material to help us grow in the knowledge of Jesus’ finished work and God’s mercy and grace. Be blessed and feel free to share with friends and family.


Joseph Prince MinistriesJoseph Prince received the revelation of the message of God’s radical grace in 1997 and has been teaching the finished work of Christ since that time. He is the pastor of Grace Revolution Church and broadcasts worldwide. You can sign up for a free daily grace inspirational email at his website which has many books and resources of encouragement.


Andrew Wommack MinistriesFor fifty years, Andrew Wommack has taught “grace by faith” and the healing power of Christ through the revelation of our identity in Him. He speaks at conferences and meetings worldwide and his site offers an abundance of material on God’s amazing grace. Charis Bible College is an extension of his ministry teaching bible students worldwide.


Jeremiah Johnson Ministries

Jeremiah Johnson has become a personal friend of ours and has taught at our church a few times in recent years. A radical encounter with Jesus shifted his life and gave him a message of God’s love and grace. Check out his books and free resources that will bless and grow you in the completeness of what Christ has accomplished.


Tullian Tchividjian MinistriesTullian Tchividjian describes himself as a husband, a father, an author, a speaker, a sinner, and a saint who longs to see broken people encounter God’s boundless love. Tullian, the grandson of Billy Graham, has authored five books on the limitless grace of God and has traveled around the country sharing God’s passionate pursuit of His kids. We’ve been honored to have him share his heart with our gathering.


Escape to RealityPaul Ellis has a great blog with many encouraging posts on the revelation of Jesus’ finished work and the power of God’s amazing grace. He has authored 5 books which, along with his blog posts, answer a number of common questions on the subject of radical grace. Paul explains why the message of Jesus is called “good news.” Check out his ministry on his website that declares “Reality is found in Jesus Christ!”

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